Our Culture

Our culture is to be proud for our work and pioneers in our field. To offer the highest quality at specified performance levels, on-budget and on-time.

Our corporate philosophy includes employees who enjoy working in ΕΝΚΑ, customers who are satisfied with ΕΝΚΑ services and associates (consultants, researchers, project managers, suppliers, subcontractor and many more) who seek embracing their relationship with ENKA.

Our Mission

Extend the service life of existing structures and upgrade their structural performance level.

Our Vision

To be pioneers and set the standards in our industry.

To serve our Mission and accomplish our Vision we are closely involved in developments of new technologies and methods and we are participating in research and development projects. We continuously seek for adopting new technologies and train our personnel for using new materials and implementing advanced methods in our work.

Quality is governing every aspect of our life, not only at work but also in human relationships and communication.