Advanced methods and technologies with ENKA warranty

Αδιατάρακτη Κοπή Σκυροδέματος

Non-Vibrating Concrete Removal

Solutions for Non-Vibrating Concrete Removal The non-vibrating concrete removal is the most advanced technique in its field. Compared to the conventional ...

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Επισκευή Σκυροδέματος

Concrete Repair

Solutions for Concrete Repair Concrete repair works require a contractor with extensive repair experience, repair materials knowledge, state-of-the-art methods awareness and ...

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Solutions for Adding Structural Capacity There are many reasons for adding structural capacity to an existing bearing structure. These include change ...

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Σεισμική Αναβάθμιση & Προστασία

Seismic Upgrade & Protection

Solutions for Seismic Protection First seismic codes were implemented in the design of the civil engineer structures after 1950. Since then ...

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Στεγανοποίηση & Έλεγχος Διαρροών

Waterproofing & Leakage Prevention

Solutions for Waterproofing & Leakage Prevention The waterproofing and leakage problems in various types of existing concrete structures directly influence their ...

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Αποκαταστάσεις Όψεων

Facades Restoration

The facades are subject to aggressive environmental effects (humidity, pollution, acids, etc). This combined with poor durability due to insufficient concrete ...

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Αποκαταστάσεις Όψεων

Tall Structures Rehabilitation

Tall structures like chimneys, silos, cooling towers, communication towers usually show extensive damages due to environmental effects and aggressive industrial operating ...

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Fireproofing of steel, composite and concrete exposed surfaces is obligatory in order to protect critical infrastructures, such as airports and tunnels, ...

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Προστασία από Εκρήξεις

Force Protection

Owners of critical infrastructures, especially the last years because of the increased number of terrorist attacks in Europe, are evaluating options ...

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Κατασκευή Σιλό & Αποθηκών Σκυροδέματος

Concrete Silos & Bunkers Construction

ENKA engineers have the knowledge and experience for the construction of concrete silos and bunkers. ENKA site crew can execute large ...

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