Removal of Industrial Facilities Using Non-Vibrating Cutting

Project description

Client: Private Industry
Location: Viotia
Year: 2018

The Private Industry retains extensive facilities of heavy industry since 1960 in Viotia. It was decided that the part of the facilities operating as “furnace” to be reconstructed. The first phase of the reconstruction included the removal of the existing facility in a way that the integrity of the adjacent facilities and the safety of the works is not compromised.

Tasks description

The project took place inside an industrial structure of plan dimensions 30m x 180m and height approximately 15m. The part of the existing facility that was removed had dimensions 7m x 200m along the main axis of the structure.

ENKA studied and composed a thorough method statement regarding the execution of the project. The project concerns the removal of refractory brick masonry walls and of reinforced concrete walls, slabs, beams, and foundations. In total, more than 4.000 tn of materials were removed, from which 1.500m3 of reinforced concrete were removed using non-vibrating cutting. Special caution was given in the sequence of the elements removal using non-vibrating cutting and in the hoisting technique, given their poor condition (loose and cracked concrete, corroded reinforcement, etc.).

The main aspects of the methodology of the project are:

  • Shoring and bracing of slabs and walls using PERI systems.
  • Removal of refractory brick masonry walls using 7tn loaders, 7,5m3 debris dumpsters, and overhead bridge cranes.
  • Repeated phases of non-vibrating cutting of walls and slabs, and removal, with hoisting, through overhead bridge cranes.
  • Partial non-vibrating cutting of footings, in order to avoid inducing any damage in the remaining segment of the footing. Removal using mechanical means, debris dumpsters, and overhead bridge cranes.

The project was completed in 18 days, as scheduled, with continuous work 24/7 in two shifts.

More than 50 people (engineers, foremen, mechanics, and workers) worked for the project. For the non-vibrating cuttings of concrete 3 diamond wall saws of Hilti were constantly operating.

ENKA’s personnel received training regarding the special safety measures for the particular industry (general training, special training, training for working in enclosed and confined spaces, etc.) and received permission for working in the project after successfully participating in exams. The safety measures were fully abided by with daily presence of safety technician and constant on-site training based on risk analysis assessment of each work and project phase.

All the removed materials were delivered for recycling after thorough grading.