Repair and Protection of the Pedestals of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Tanks

Project description

Client: PETROGAZ – Alpha Technoedrasi
Location: Aspropyrgos, Attica
Year: 2017

The main facilities of PETROGAZ in Greece are located in Aspropyrgos, Attica, since 1961. Due to their close proximity to the sea, severe corrosion is present on the reinforced concrete. In total 32 reinforced concrete pedestals of the LPG storage tanks were repaired and protected against the highly corrosive environment.

Tasks description

Most of the pedestals had already been repaired with shotcrete approximately 10-15 years ago. In 2017 new repair measures were deemed necessary to elongate the life expectancy of the structures for ten more years.

The works performed were removal of the loose concrete, cleaning of the corroded steel reinforcement, protection of the steel reinforcement with corrosion inhibitor, addition of new steel reinforcement wherever necessary, concrete section rehabilitation with repair mortar, sealing of voids between pedestals and steel tanks and drainage pipe installation for the collection of the rain water from the voids, mechanical anchoring repair and replacement, and XYPEX application for the waterproofing of the concrete pedestals as an extra measure of protection against corrosion and life time prolong.

The methods followed, and the materials and systems used were in accordance with relevant standards (mainly EN 1504) and the Greek Technical Guidelines (ΕΤΕΠ).