Industrial Facilities Restoration

Project description

Location: Milos Island
Year: 2015

The industrial facilities of IMERYS SA (former S&B) on Milos Island were gradually constructed since the 1960’s. Due to the highly corrosive environment, the structures suffered from reinforcement corrosion and concrete degradation. ENKA carried out several projects of restoration and strengthening of industrial facilities for the client at the aforementioned island (sites: Voudia, Tsigrado, Ampourdechtaki).

Tasks description

The works that took place were removal of the loose concrete, sandblasting and cleaning of the corroded reinforcement, application of corrosion inhibitor onto the reinforcement, corrosion inhibitor coating on the concrete surface, concrete restoration with repair mortars R3/R4, strengthening using shotcrete jacketing, strengthening with FRP, and application of final paint coatings suitable for limiting carbonation.

Where the chloride content inside the concrete was above the allowable limits, special techniques and materials were used to reduce this content.
The process followed and the materials and systems used were in accordance with relevant standards (mainly EN 1504) and the Greek Technical Guidelines (ΕΤΕΠ).