Restoration and Strengthening of Ore Dressing Silo

Project description

Location: Itea
Year: 2018

The industrial facilities of IMERYS SA (former S&B) in Itea were gradually constructed since 1970. Due to the highly corrosive environment and to the high hardness of the bauxite, reinforcement corrosion and concrete degradation were present. ENKA conducted the restoration and structural strengthening of the bauxite ore dressing silo of IMERYS SA in Itea, Fokida, in 2018.

Tasks description

The works that took place were the following: removal of the loose concrete, sandblasting and cleaning of the corroded reinforcement, application of corrosion inhibitor onto the reinforcement, application of surface applied corrosion inhibitor, concrete sections restoration using R3/R4 repair mortars, dowels and new steel reinforcement installation, construction of shotcrete jackets, crystalline technology coating application (XYPEX) for protection against corrosion, repair and replacement of steel elements and structures.

The methods followed and the materials and systems used were in accordance with relevant standards (mainly EN 1504) and the Greek Technical Guidelines (ΕΤΕΠ).