Crack Sealing in Concrete Road Pavement

Project description

Location: Achaia
Year: 2017

The unreinforced concrete road pavement in “Eleonas” toll station started cracking approximately one year after its construction.

Tasks description

ENKA was asked to propose a methodology for filling and sealing the cracks. Epoxy resins from Chemco Systems were proposed, as they are suitable for application under low temperatures and in wet cracks, and the application took place during winter so most of the cracks were wet or damp. The applied epoxy resin of Chemco is approved by the German Highways for dynamic loads (e.g. bridges, pavements). The injection of the resin was performed with Chemco Pump B that provides controlled flow and pressure to avoid uplifting the pavement and to measure the injected material volume. At the end of the application, cores were drilled to confirm the sufficient filling of the cracks.