Mount Kangchenjunga The First Greek Expedition 2018

Mount Kangchenjunga: The First Greek Expedition

Our company ENKA SA was a proud supported of the first Greek expedition on an attempt to climb on the peak of mountain Kangchenjunga, named “Mount Kangchenjunga: The First Greek Expedition 2018”. The members of the Greek squad were Antonis Sykaris and Fotis Theocharis.

The two Greek climbers departed for their great endeavor on April 5th and on May 20th they became the first Greeks to conquer the 3rd highest peak of the world on an altitude of 8.586m. The peak of mountain Kangchenjunga on the Himalayas is just 300m lower than Everest but much more difficult and dangerous to climb. Since the 90s and despite the improved climbing gear, more than 20% of the climbers who tried to conquer the peak of mountain Kangchenjunga lost their lives. Moreover, all the attempts from other climbers in 2015, 2016 and 2017 failed.

Antonis and Fotis Congratulations!