School of Civil Engineering Visit on ENKA Construction Site

School of Civil Engineering Visit on ENKA Construction Site

On Thursday 23/5/2019 a group of 8th semester students of School of Civil Engineering – University of Thessaly visited a construction site where ENKA was performing strengthening of ex-industrial buildings in Lykovrysi, Attica. The visit was accompanied and supervised by Assistant Professor of University of Thessaly Dr. Lampros Koutas.

The students had the opportunity to see applications of FRP fabrics and strips, shotcrete applications, strengthening of slabs by using steel plates, grooves formation and installation of new reinforcement and concrete layers, as well as repair and rehabilitation of loose concrete and corroded steel reinforcement.

Mount Kangchenjunga: The First Greek Expedition

Mount Kangchenjunga The First Greek Expedition 2018

Our company ENKA SA was a proud supported of the first Greek expedition on an attempt to climb on the peak of mountain Kangchenjunga, named “Mount Kangchenjunga: The First Greek Expedition 2018”. The members of the Greek squad were Antonis Sykaris and Fotis Theocharis.

The two Greek climbers departed for their great endeavor on April 5th and on May 20th they became the first Greeks to conquer the 3rd highest peak of the world on an altitude of 8.586m. The peak of mountain Kangchenjunga on the Himalayas is just 300m lower than Everest but much more difficult and dangerous to climb. Since the 90s and despite the improved climbing gear, more than 20% of the climbers who tried to conquer the peak of mountain Kangchenjunga lost their lives. Moreover, all the attempts from other climbers in 2015, 2016 and 2017 failed.

Antonis and Fotis Congratulations!

XYPES The World Standard In Concrete Waterproofing By Crystallization

The World Standard In Concrete Waterproofing By Crystallization

The Shard, with its church steeple and cladded shards of glass, is the inspiration and design of Renzo Piano, the project’s architect. At 95-storeys and standing 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high, The Shard (‘Shard of Glass’) is the tallest building in the UK – a top-down construction project that required the largest continuous concrete pour in UK history; three concrete pumps placed 700 truckloads over 36 hours; a total of 5,500 m. While the extremely thick basement slab did not require waterproofing, Xypex Admix was used to waterproof and protect other areas of the basement as well as the capping beams and lift pits on various floors. Xypex was also used to waterproof the Shangri-La Hotel swimming pool and spa area on the 52nd floor. In all, approximately 7,500 kg of Xypex material was used to treat 1,500 m of concrete.

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Πιστοποιημένος Εφαρμοστής Arsan

Arsan Certified Applicator

ENKA is the only Certified Applicator of Arsan Kaucuk in Greece for bridge expansion joint installations (

Arsan is a market leader in the field of elastomerics and generally in special technologies for Civil Engineering applications for 60 years. Arsan’s bridge expansion joints are being exported and installed in more than 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, for many decades proving their high quality and durability.

ENKA’s engineers and foremen have attended seminars and have been trained on-site by specialized personnel of Arsan. Arsan has supervised and approved joint installations performed by ENKA.

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Πιστοποιημένος Εφαρμοστής XYPEX

XYPEX Certified Applicator

ENKA is the exclusive Certified Applicator of XYPEX Chemical Corporation in Greece ( The Applicator Certification was awarded to ENKA by XYPEX CE, the licensed manufacturer of XYPEX products and exclusive distributor of the Canadian firm XYPEX Chemical Corporation in Central and Eastern Europe.

XYPEX technical know-how is going back more than 45 years in concrete waterproofing and protection by using crystalline technology. XYPEX products have been successfully used for decades in countless concrete projects of every type. Their quality and durability have also been proved by dozens of independent laboratories with test that took place in labs and on-site. XYPEX technology has been applied in many major projects all around the world such as the 21st Century Tower, in Dubai, the All Seasons Place in Bangkok, the Beijing Olympics Stadium, etc.

ENKA engineers attended a two-day seminar and on-site training in XYPEX CE headquarters in Prague, and a two-day XYPEX international technical conference in Slovenia.

For more information visit the waterproofing page of ENKA.

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ChemCo Systems Certified Applicator

ChemCo Systems Certified Applicator

ENKA is the only Certified Applicator of ChemCo Systems ( in Greece & Cyprus. The Applicator Certification was awarded to ENKA by the German CSE Distribution GmbH ( CSE is the exclusive distributor of the US firm ChemCo Systems Inc in Europe.

ChemCo Systems expertise is going back more than 50 years in concrete injection and crack repairs with most probably the widest selection of premium epoxy resins. Unlike others, the current products of ChemCo Systems have been in use for decades demonstrating their quality and persistence in real life applications beyond all laboratory conditions. ChemCo Systems products have been used in many large projects such as the repair of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Washington Monument in Washington D.C, the Lord Nelson Statue in London, etc.

ENKA site engineers and foremen successfully attended a two-day on-site training covering the injection works and the use of the proprietary ChemCo pump machine.

CSE news for ENKA

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Ημερίδα στη Χαλκίδα

Seminar in Chalcis

President of ENKA, Mr Michael Karantzikis, was invited to give a lecture at the technical seminar titled “Investigation, Protection and Strengthening of Concrete Structures” organized by the Civil Engineers Association of Evvoia under the auspice of the Technical Chamber of Evvoia, that took place in Chalcis on 28/11/2015. His lecture about “Rehabilitation, Protection and Strengthening of less durable structures using Composite Systems” attracted the interest of the numerous structural engineers who attended the seminar.

Νέες εγκαταστάσεις

New facilities

ENKA moved to new facilities. We chose our new property not only because of its architectural beauty but also because we wanted to have in the same property both our offices and warehouse/workshop areas. For this reason we moved to our new facilities at 1 Dekelias Avenue & Chalkidos Street, 14343 New Philadelphia, Athens. Our facilities are 7 minutes walking from Ano Patisia Metro Station and 500m from the Acharnon Avenue interchange with A1 Athens-Thessaloniki motorway.