Restoration of the Marble Cladding on the Facades of Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel

Project description

Client: AKTOR SA
Location: Syngrou Avenue, Athens
Year: 2018

Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel, 5* and 310 rooms, is the 3rd “Grand” in Europe and opened its gates in August 2018. At the same building was operating for more than 30 years the Athens Ledra Marriot Hotel. The building was constructed at the beginning of the 1980’s and has 12 levels (3 underground and 9 above ground level), while its total surface area is approximately 30.000m2.

Tasks description

As part of the general restoration of the building, the marble cladding on the facades was restored, cleaned, and waterproofed for a total surface of more than 3,000m2.

The “Pentelic-Dionysos” marble cladding on the facades suffered from water ingress through the joints. Moreover, due to long-term expose to exhaust fumes, CO2 and acid urban rain environment, a general cleaning of the entire surface and of heavy stains was required.

The cleaning was conducted with angle grinders by using successively finer grits of sandpaper until the surface was clean and smooth per the specs.

For the long-lasting protection and waterproofing of the marbles, Sikagard®-790 All-in-One Protect system was applied, which does not alter the texture and color of the stone cladding throughout time.

ENKA executed the project successfully and on schedule, in perfect collaboration with the engineers and managers of AKTOR (contractor) and DIARCHON (construction supervision).