Non-Vibrating Concrete Cutting and Removal of Building’s 3rd Floor

Project description

Client: Private person
Location: Vrilissia, Attica
Year: 2018

The new three-story residential building was constructed in 2018 at Vrilissia, Attica, and the cubic concrete specimens of the 3rd floor of the load bearing structure had strength significantly smaller than the specified. Cores from the structural elements of the building confirmed the aforementioned low strength. The supervising engineer demanded the complete removal of the 3rd story’s concrete elements, with diamond cutting that induces no vibration to the rest of the structure, and its wholescale reconstruction. The RMU concrete company absorbed the full cost of the removal and reconstruction of the 3rd story.

Tasks description

After the issuance of the building permit, the works for the non-vibrating wholescale removal of the 3rd floor took place. ENKA composed a working method statement and hoisting design for the execution of the works. The main stages of the project are: shoring, cut and removal of inclined roof slabs, beams, beam-column joints, columns, walls, elevator shaft, and staircase elements. The lower parts of the columns were removed with jackhammers to retain the longitudinal steel bars so that lap splicing is possible. The project was completed in 30 days.