Bridge Expansion Joints Installation

Project description

Client: Construction Companies, Concessionaires
Location: Greece
Year: 2016-2018

ENKA is a certified applicator of ARSAN’s bridge construction systems (bearings, expansion joints, etc.). The site engineers and foremen of ENKA have successfully attended seminars and have received in-situ training from ARSAN specialists. ENKA has applied expansion joints in all major highways of Greece and the installation has always been supervised and approved by authorities having jurisdiction and by the independent engineer.

Tasks description

The certified crews of ENKA have installed a large number of bridge expansion joints since 2016.

Some of the highways in which ENKA has installed bridge expansion joints are: Olympia Odos, Aegean Motorway, Ionia Odos, Administrative Region of Attica. All the big construction companies in Greece in the segment of infrastructure (AKTOR, TERNA, J&P, etc.) are clients of ENKA.

The expansion joints of ARSAN have been used in bridge construction for several decades in more than 30 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, proving their high quality and resilience.